Donavan Hutchinson, D&A Services International Ltd
Donavan Hutchinson
Founder and CEO
D&A Services International Ltd

Donavan Hutchinson is the Founder and CEO for D&A Services International Ltd the industries first DEI As A Service organisation. Donavan is also a Governor at Barnsley College with over 20 years in the technology industry and has a wealth of experience in leadership, sales strategy, compliance, mergers and acquisitions and international collaboration programs having worked as an executive leader for some of the world largest technology reseller organisations. His commitment to driving change across various industries in promoting equality for all has been instrumental in the growth of several organisations he has had the opportunity to lead during his tenure. Awarded by CRN as the 2023 Industry Achievement Award Winner, CRN Diversity A lister, CRN Channel A Lister, CRN Executive Mentor of the Year finalist 2023 and CRN Mental Health Champion of the Year finalist 2023 , Donavan's focus on equality focuses on all demographics as he continues to drive education and awareness programs across the community socially but also through consultative engagements. Donavan's focus on DEI has been seen at a global level with features in Humans Of Globe and CIO Views as one of the Top 10 Global trailblazer Leaders in DEI. Donavan is an out and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and Pride Life Global Advocate and has utilised his own experience in helping to educate others to be their most authentic version of themselves , speaking at several events on the topic of DEI and driving positive cultural change through education and awareness.