Gurdeep Kalsi, Boxxe
Gurdeep Kalsi
Microsoft Licensing & Operations Manager
  • Tell us about yourself? I had no intention of working within Tech. I graduated from uni with a Law degree and wanted to be the next Harvey Spector from Suits. I ended up working in house in a tech company on a contract and fell in love with the culture of the tech world. I have been working within tech for the last 13 years and still love it. No day is ever the same and I think that’s what keeps me motivated.
  • What is your role? I am a Microsoft licensing and Operations manager. I look after and guide the teams to help improve processes and to help progress them forward. Microsoft processes, agreements and licensing is constantly changing, so I get to ensure that we at boxxe are up to date and staying proactive whenever these happen.
  • What drew you to apply for Boxxe? In all honesty Phil our CEO…I heard so much about him whilst working at CDW and wanted to be a part of his team that was going to build something bigger and better! I love that we get to rebuild everything in order to make this happen. Also love the fact that boxxe give back to the community…we have 11 and a half days to do this and its something no other company offers.
  • How would you describe the boxxe culture? FRIENDLY!! I still remember my first few weeks at boxxe and saying to my manager that surely everyone cant be this happy…but they genuinely are. Boxxe offers so much flexibility and the execs want to listen to us and hear what we have to say…its hard to find that anywhere.
  • Do you have any tips you would like to share with aspiring candidates? Just apply…DO IT!! Even if you’re like me and think that the tech world is only for people who understand scripting etc…its not true! In hindsight I wish I’d spent more time in 6th form/Uni looking at what careers are available that aren’t just down a legal route. I mean I’d still make a great Harvey Spector but more of a Microsoft version now.