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Diversity Employer of the Year

The diversity employer of the year will be doing industry-leading work in building an atmosphere in which a diverse workforce can thrive and prosper. This being the Women in Channel Awards, the emphasis of this success will be on building an environment that promotes the talents of women.

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Best Community Outreach Programme

Attracting more young people into STEM - and the technology industry specifically - is one of the country's most pressing challenges. Not enough girls in particular are pursuing a career in tech. This award will go to a vendor that is doing its bit to tackle this issue head-on through community outreach.

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Gender Parity

The tech channel, like many other industries, remains male-heavy. This award will go to an organisation with a strong track record of nurturing female talent. The winner will demonstrate either that they have a relatively high percentage of females both across their business, and in executive positions, or that they are making strong headway in this area.

This category is now closed