Opening Remarks

Tom Wright, Managing Editor, CRN

Keynote: Intelligent Automation platforms - allowing MSPs to provide a more proactive, higher value service at lower cost
  • Why - ROI! Increase your customer satisfaction levels, your customer retention and your Azure Consumed Revenues
  • What – Introducing IA-Cloud - Are you ready for these technologies?
  • How - switch on and go in a matter minutes – see the results, how to get started on your journey.

Scott Dodds, CEO, Ultima
Amyn Jaffer, Head, Ultima Labs

Park Place Technologies: Digital Transformation: Delivering IT clarity in the midst of uncertainty

Sprawling data centre hardware, an inefficient IT environment with multiple IT suppliers and increased IT costs can be hard to manage, maintain and control. This session will explore the challenges involved in looking to digitally transform IT environments. It will showcase how a multitude of innovative managed services can help you Discover, Monitor, Support and Optimize your IT environment. You will be able to regain control of your IT environment, enabling visibility of your whole hardware environment, ensuring IT performance and efficiency, and lowering your support costs by saving 30-40%.

Phil Godfrey, Solution Architect, Park Place Technologies

Chad Jones, Director Channel Sales, Park Place Technologies

The State of the Channel Virtual Selling

The world of MSP sales has changed, potentially forever. As we enter into what is being referred to as the ‘New Norm’ - with the majority of MSP sales being conducted virtually – MSP sales expert, Fiona Challis, wanted to establish whether virtual selling has created new challenges or simply exasperated existing ones such as prospecting, lead generation, winning new business, differentiating, selling on value rather than price, getting customers to make decisions, and overcoming price objections, to name but a few.
To find out, Fiona surveyed leading MSPs in the UK. This session shares her findings, including:

  • The impact of the global pandemic on MSP sales teams
  • Where the top challenges exist for sellers when they are selling virtually
  • How effective MSP sales teams are at influencing buying decisions virtually
  • A deep dive into where MSP sales teams are failing and succeeding in virtual selling
  • The future of virtual selling and how remote working is impacting MSP sales teams

Fiona Challis, Founder, The Next Gen Sales Acceleration Academy

RingCentral: How do MSP's maximise the opportunity of evolving customer and employee communication requirements?

Tony McNish, Regional Vice President Channel Sales UKI, RingCentral

Coffee and movement break

Visit our exhibition stalls, network with peers and grab a coffee and cake!

Panel Discussion: M&A in a world with Covid
The global pandemic may have temporarily slowed M&A in the channel over the first part of this year, but there are signs of a return to the buoyant levels we’ve seen over recent years – not least Computacenter’s huge acquisition of Pivot, which CEO Mike Norris said was delayed because of the COVID outbreak.
But given the huge change in our working dynamic over the course of this year, do buyers now want something different from the companies they’re looking to acquire?

  • How has the pandemic impacted M&A across the channel?
  • How have multiples been affected?
  • Have buyers, both channel firms and private equity houses, changed what they’re looking for in acquisition targets?
  • Has the pandemic forced some businesses to look for a sale as a way to survive?
  • Is the market now buyer-led or seller-led?

Mehul Patel, Partner, August Equity LLP
Pradip Somaia, Partner, Regent Assay
Moderator: Marian McHugh, Editor, CRN

IT Glue: Building a Leaner, Fitter, Smarter MSP

It’s time to join IT Glue for a to-the-point session explaining why over 9,500 MSPs have adopted IT Glue and how they are now running a leaner, fitter, smarter MSP.

Alex Ford, Sales Director EMEA, IT Glue

Panel Discussion: Find your niche
  • Why your USP’s just aren’t unique.
  • How to find, focus, and grow your niche.
  • How to transform your MSP / VAR into the experts in that area.  

Mark Copeman, Founder, Wisecurve
Richard Tubb, IT Industry Growth Expert, Tubblog
Moderator: Rick Yates, Managing Director - EMEA, Axcient

Redstor Q+A

Rob Buckton, UK Sales Director, Redstor

Keynote: Busting the Myths of G-Cloud

Routes to market such as G-Cloud are essential ways for suppliers to get their products and services in front of the public sector. However, getting on to frameworks like these is just the start of a supplier’s public sector journey. With many firms having misconceptions on how best to use G-Cloud to actually win business, especially in 2020, this session will break down the most common G-Cloud myths and give delegates expert tips on how to use it to great success.

Chris Farthing, Chief Executive Officer, Advice Cloud

Closing Remarks

Tom Wright, Managing Editor, CRN

Please note: programme is subject to change