You can enter a maximum of three categories.

Even if you have been nominated in more categories you can only enter THREE CATEGORIES MAXIMUM.  If you have been nominated for more than three you can select the three you feel are most suitable to you.

If you choose to upload a video as supporting evidence to your questionnaire the video must be no longer than TWO MINUTES. Anything over this will not be watched by the judges.

Your video can include (not limited to):

  • A short intro of who you are and why you should win
  • Testimonials from your colleagues (3 maximum)

This is your chance to big yourself up! Competition for the awards is fierce, so if you hold back on your achievements and underplay yourself you are unlikely to stand out. Passion is what really shines through in award-winning entries. Ensure you get your passion across in your answers.

Let your personality shine through – this is what the judges look for.

Judges can tell who has spent time and effort crafting their answers, so don’t rush. Set aside some time to really think about the questions.

If you are entering more than one category ensure you personalise each questionnaire – do not simply copy and paste the same answers for each category. The judges will be looking to see why you should win that particular category.

The judges encourage you to attach testimonials from colleagues, but the word limit for testimonials is 250 words. Anything over this will not be read by the judges.

Some of the categories have been split into reseller/solution provider and vendor/distributor. Please ensure you select the right one depending on which group your company fits in.

To qualify for these awards the individual must be UK based, or manage teams in the UK.

Register and login here to access the questionnaires. All questionnaires must be submitted online. None will be accepted via email.