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In London on Thursday 20 October

MSPs have had back-to-back whirlwind years in 2021 & 2022 with some of the largest players in the channel undergoing mergers and acquisitions. The ongoing skills shortage is driving employers to open up recruitment to areas and candidates that they would have previously overlooked. Employees are switching roles at unprecedented rates and are capitalising on the rapidly rising salaries and increasing number of benefits.

Now, as governments around the globe impose sanctions and tariffs on trade and services, vendors, VARs and MSPs alike are all left to navigate this tumultuous landscape, with the expectations of further disruptions to supply chains and the fear of another recession looming in the not-so-distant future.

Thank you to all our delegates and sponsors for attending! We had a great day jam packed with keynotes, panel discussions, deep-dives, and networking sessions, all delivered by a host of channel experts and industry leaders.




MSP Transform October Agenda

Breakfast & Registration
Boardroom session: What does the data protection landscape in the modern world look like for MSPs?

By invitation only, It's time for smarter backup for your on-premises, SaaS & Cloud platforms. Let’s discuss how you protect your customer data, how you get access to instant restores and how to simplify your data backups with a single cloud solution..

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Partnership Acquisition Manager
Introductory Session

CRN’s bi-annual MSP Transform conference returns on 20 October in London, bringing together leaders in the UK’s managed services market to discuss the challenges and opportunities that await the industry as we enter 2023.

With the UK expected to slump into a recession this year, many end-user customers will be reassessing their IT spending. Discussions during the conference will centre around what technologies and services MSPs should be offering to help their customers succeed amid an economic downturn.

The channel has had to meanwhile grapple with balancing office-based and remote working as their employees demand more flexibility after the pandemic. While some MSPs and resellers setting out strict policies that make at least some office-based working compulsory, others have shut down offices and opted for a work-from-anywhere approach. Another panel discussion will explore how attitudes towards remote working have changed in 2022, and how MSP leaders responded.

Delegates will also hear from [enter name] from [enter company] who will give a keynote on how their technology needs have evolved in 2022, and how the value of the channel should adapt.

Other sessions touch on the state of the ongoing supply chain crisis and whether the channel sees shortages easing as we enter 2023 as well as how MSPs have adapted to Microsoft’s changes to its partner strategy.

How can MSPs help their customers through a recession?

The UK economy is set to fall into recession later this year. According to Goldman Sachs, the UK’s GDP will fall by around one per cent through mid-2023.

Many organisations will likely look to reduce IT spending in some areas as inflation and higher energy costs leave their mark.

How will an incoming recession impact the managed services market? Does the case for working with an MSP become clearer during a recession? And what technologies do MSPs think will fly, and which will decline, as a recession looms?

Chief Strategy Officer
Sapphire Systems
Chief Executive Officer
Work from anywhere: Has the industry figured out hybrid working?

The pandemic has led to more employees demanding soft benefits such as flexible working hours, remote working and a better work-life balance.

Some MSPs have taken a radical approach to remote working, closing down their office spaces and embracing a work-from-anywhere approach. Others have upheld the value of a communal workspace, set out clear work from home guidelines, and made it compulsory for employees to spend at least some of their working week in the office.

After more than two years since the Covid pandemic and experimenting with various hybrid working models, has the channel come to a consensus on how they best operate?

Head of Talent, Engagement & Diversity
Chief Technology Officer
Head of HR
Morning networking break
Automate Your Everyday

IT professionals are burned out. Every year IT professionals are asked to manage new endpoint types while still having to do the same thing they did the year before. Automation has gone from a nice-to-have to an absolute necessity for both work-life balance and organizational success. What you may not know is that it's much easier to get started on your automation journey than you think. A best-in-class endpoint management solutions can automate your everyday and free up your time to work on the cool stuff.

VP of Business Development, Datto
Channel consolidation: How will the M&A market evolve in 2023?

The pace of consolidation in the UK channel has showed no signed of slowing down in 2023.A handful of private equity-backed MSPs have made multiple acquisitions this year in a race to bolster their capabilities and achieve nationwide coverage.

What impact will the events of 2022 have on the M&A market? Will the rate of acquisitions slow down or speed up as we enter 2023, and will private equity interest in the channel remain healthy?

Flow Transform
Senior Reporter
Accelerating the Transition to Outcome Based Security

Desired business outcomes such as profitability, enhanced operational resilience and increased agility are, for the most part, familiar and shared between many organisations. When it comes to achieving these business outcomes, does cyber security have the capability to help organisations get there faster? By means of case study examples, WithSecure’s Steve Nurton will explain how to cyber security can and should act as a business enabler for both the channel and end customer.

UK & I Country Sales Manager
How will customers prioritise cybersecurity spending in 2023?

Today, the risk from cyberattack is one of the biggest threats to any business. Weekly cyberattacks on corporate networks surged by 50 per cent in 2021 compared with 2020, a report from Check Point shows, demonstrating how threat actors continue to exploit vulnerabilities in company networks.

But, with some organisations tightening their budgets due to aftereffects of Covid and a looming recession, some fear that investments in cybersecurity to keep networks safe will be left on the back burner.

How will end user spending on cybersecurity shift over the next 12 months, and how can MSPs continue to add value for their clients and keep them safe?

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Head of Information Security
Senior Reporter
Green IT Services Comes of Age

Its time for MSPs to change their business models, no longer can MSPs seek to sell tin with services to end user clients, the clients will be looking to address both the climate emergency, sustainability and increasing energy costs, one path is for MSPs to redesign their business models to actively assist end users.

This session will highlight some problems and cover some of the possible solutions.

Managing Director
Fireside Chat - In Conversation With Mitchell Feldman of XRAI Glass
Chief Sales & Marketing Adviser
XRAI Glass
Chairperson's closing remarks
The Channel Company
Networking Lunch and close of conference


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