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Welcome to CRN MSP Transform 2022!

CRN - Looking Back to Look Forward: The Biggest Areas of Growth in 2021

Looking forward is what makes a leader, but introspection and reflection are vital to understanding your journey ahead. Hear what lasting impact 2021 will have on the channel this year and beyond.

Keynote – The License Dilemma: Understanding Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

At the start of the year, Microsoft launched its New Commerce Experience. Within days, its implementation had already raised the cost of licenses, and the risks associated, leaving many in the Channel bewildered. Join us to explore:

  • How does the New Commerce Experience effect license holders and resellers?
  • Are monthly licenses viable for your business when including the 20% increase?
  • Will sacrificing flexibility in selling their licenses be a detriment to Microsoft?

Peter Sweetbaum, Group CEO, Content+Cloud

Panel Discussion – Nearing Net-Zero

It’s 2022 and Net-Zero goals are edging closer by the day. Which industries are leading the movement, and which are falling behind?

  • What areas of the channel have made the most effort to meet Net-Zero goals?
  • What can we learn from organisations who have taken up the mantle of sustainability and are leading the way forward?
  • A lot of organisations claim to be working toward net-zero goals – but how can we verify this?

Jenny Latimer, Alliances Manager & Sustainability Lead, Highgate IT
John Booth, Managing Director, Carbon3IT

Fireside Chat – Managing Mergers & Integrating Acquisitions

The ‘as-a-Service’ industry has quickly become one of the most essential and fastest growing areas in the channel. This has seen enterprises merging, acquiring, and collaborating with MSPs for record-setting deals.

  • What MSPs have seen the most attention for acquisition?
  • What steps did enterprises take to integrate recent acquisitions and why was is successful?
  • How to negotiate the best deal for your planned merge/acquisition?

Nicholas Ashford, Partner, Fordhouse

Vendor Showcase

Hear from two of CRN: MSP Transforms amazing sponsors!

Park Place Technologies

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Debate – Outsourcing Security: How Much is Too Much?

It is no surprise that ensuring operational integrity is a necessity for any organisation, but how, and where your security is managed is a topic that many are still debating. As more organisations move to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud approaches, the question of outsourcing security has a become an increasingly divisive one for MSPs and MSSPs. Hear from both sides as they explore:

  • What technological and physical defences provide security on premises and in the cloud, and where are these best implemented?
  • How can you build better procedures to address planning and training?
  • Will moving all security service to a SOC offer better risk management and client confidence?
  • What external validation is required to show that physical, logical, and process strategies are working?

Sam Woodcock, Senior Director, Cloud Strategy & Enablement, iland

Fireside Chat – Vendor Collaboration: Stronger Together

Long have vendors only interacted as competitors but the drastic shifts in the market have seen vendors extending the olive branch to their former rivals and building symbiotic relationships to deliver products and services that will keep existing clients engaged and attract new ones.

  • What has motivated the recent collaborations?
  • Will these collaborations benefit the end-user?
  • How will further collaboration affect the market?

Rob Quickenden, CTO, Cisilion

Vendor Showcase

Hear from two of CRN: MSP Transform's amazing sponsors! 

Lunch Break
Keynote – Cyber Security Leaders: Stepping Back and Stepping Up

The threat landscape has shifted towards automated, large scale attacks, leaving many CSOs and CISOs seeking assistance to help bolster the defences against the growing strength and number of attackers. How will the CSO and CISO roles change in years to come?

  • How has the CSO/CISO role changed in the last twelve months?
  • Will collaboration between cloud security leaders strengthened the channel?
  • What can you do to protect against shadow IT and vulnerabilities your security team is not aware?

Etienne Greeff, CEO, Flow Communications 

Panel Discussion – Empowered Employees

With job vacancies at an all-time high, and Gen Z beginning to make their entry into the workplace, employees have high expectations. What can you do as an employer to make your organisation attractive to industry newcomers and veterans?

  • Where can employers go to scout for existing and up-coming talent?
  • What can employers provide to help retain existing staff – is a pay raise enough?
  • How can you build better hiring processes to guarantee a supportive environment for new starters?

Hannah Dooley, Co-founder, Wellness for Marketers

Vendor Showcase

Hear from two of CRN: MSP Transform's amazing sponsors!

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