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Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to CRN MSP Transform 2021!

Josh Budd, Editor, CRN

Panel Discussion - Everything as-a-Service: How Will Partners Lead the Push?

Vendors including Cisco, HPE, Dell and Lenovo have all launched their own flavour of as-a-service offerings and are incentivising partners to change how they sell. But how quickly are customers really shifting to as-a-service? And how integral will partners be in leading the push?

  • What about aaS options are attracting customers and what is dissuading others from taking up aaS options?
  • What role does collaboration play when adopting something aaS?
  • What will the aaS market look like when the more vendors are competing as well as collaborating?

Chair: Josh Budd, Editor, CRN
Rob Price, Practise Director - CISCO Practise, Logicalis
Howard Hall, Group Managing Director, DTP Group

Mini-documentary: Big Interview

Details TBD

Josh Budd, Editor, CRN
Martin Hess, CEO UK & Ireland, Cancom

IT Glue - MSP How to: Solve a Ticket in Under 1 Minute

IT Glue take you on a deep dive to show you exactly how it helps over 4,500 organisations increase service desk efficiency and reduce the time it takes to solve tickets.

The webinar will cover:

  • How your team can meet SLAs quicker and pass these benefits on to the customer
  • How, even when needing escalation, IT Glue keeps tickets moving and prevents them from getting ‘stuck’
  • How each feature in IT Glue contributes to saving time and boosting your bottom line

Alex Ford, Sales Director EMEA, IT Glue
Simon Kemsley, Sales Engineer, IT Glue

Interview: Are Cloud Services Secure?

Businesses large and small now relying on the cloud to run their IT. But how secure are cloud-based environments?

Josh Budd, Editor, CRN
Dave Sobel, Host of the Business of Tech and leading voice in the delivery of IT Services, MSP Radio

Panel Discussion: How will Cybersecurity Evolve for the Modern Workplace?

Organisations have been collaborating in new ways as a result in the pandemic, and many are planning for more change as offices reopen. What implications will hybrid working have on cybersecurity?

  • What are the major threats associated with hybrid working?
  • How will collaboration benefit the cybersecurity community and what impact will this have on the growing number of ransomware and supply chain attacks?
  • What common equipment and habits are preventing cybersecurity teams from developing and implementing stronger systems?

Chair: Josh Budd, Editor, CRN
Colin Williams, Business Line CTO, Computacenter
Etienne Greeff, CEO, Flow Communications

Duo Security: Why Duo Security is the Most Loved Name in Secure Access

Join this session for a concise introduction to getting enrolled and authenticating with Duo from a user’s perspective, as well as a look at how access policies can help keep users safe without adding to help desk workload.

Zoe Lindsey, Security Strategist, Duo Security at Cisco

Refreshment Break

Please feel free to grab a drink and a bite to eat!

Stick around to hear what IT Glue and Kaseya have to offer!

Panel Discussion: Global ambitions: Why are US VARs expanding into the UK?

12 of the top 100 VARs operating in the UK are based in the US, and the number of stateside firms arriving on UK shores has only grown through recent expansions from Presidio, CDI and Paragon Micro. CRN unpicks what is enticing US VARs to the UK market – and will it continue?

Chair: Josh Budd, Editor, CRN
Rich Falcone, President, CDI

Kaseya: Maximize MSP Efficiency and Profitability by Leveraging Kaseya VSA Integrated Workflows

MSPs are always on the lookout for the right solution stack that can maximize their efficiency and accommodate the changing needs of their customers. This helps MSPs boost their profitability and maximize their return on investment. The right solution stack is one that integrates the power of RMM, PSA and IT documentation under a single, cohesive solution and allows technicians to navigate across solutions seamlessly.
In this presentation, you will find out how MSPs can leverage the power of Kaseya VSA Integrated Workflows and use it to not only maximize efficiency and profitability, but also optimize IT spending and reduce software costs.
Marwin Marcussen, EMEA Sales Engineering Manager, Kaseya

Panel Discussion: The Trends that will Dominate Managed Services in 2022

2020 saw a massive rise in the adoption of managed services, and this trend has continued to grow throughout 2021. With so many managed service options available, what are going be the key milestones for 2022?

  • What will a high-performance MSP look like in 2022?
  • How are your customers’ managed IT needs evolving?
  • How are vendors investing in managed services?
  • What are the biggest growth drivers for your business, and what are the biggest obstacles for your growth?

Chair: Josh Budd, Editor, CRN
Iain O'Kane, Managing Director, Xperience
Sonny Sehgal, CEO, Transputec

Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining us for MSP Transform 2021!

Josh Budd, Editor, CRN