Individual Awards

 Technical Employee of the Year

For this category, the judges will be looking for someone who has excelled in a technical, pre-sales or support role at a vendor, distributor or reseller. If you know of anyone who consistently exceeds client demands in a technical position, or are that person yourself, this is the category for you. 

 Sales Employee of the Year

Sales is the bedrock of the channel. This award will go to an outstanding sales woman who consistently tops the sales leaderboards at a vendor, distributor or reseller. They will also be known for possessing the kind of attention to detail and professional acumen that keeps clients coming back time and again. 

 Marketing Employee of the Year

The winner of this award will have demonstrated excellence in a marketing role at a vendor, distributor or reseller. If you know of anyone famed for generating demand and increasing awareness through their original and thoughtful campaigns - or if you are that person - this one's for you. 

 Unsung Hero

The winner of this category will be someone their colleagues regard as indispensable to the business, but whose hard graft often goes unnoticed. This could be in a non-customer facing role that isn't encompassed by the other categories, such as finance or operations. 

 Graduate / Apprentice of the Year

The skills shortage has prompted many vendors, distributors and resellers to pursue a ‘grow your own' model by building out their graduate training and apprenticeship programmes. This award will go to a graduate or apprentice that has made an immediate impact in their role, whether that be sales, technical, or another area of the business. 

 Manager of the Year

This winner of this award will be a strong team leader and mentor to staff around them. The judges will look for evidence of someone who goes above and beyond to help members of their team and who is known for being dependable and supportive. 

 Role Model of the Year

With the IT channel desperately short of female workers, especially at more senior levels, role models are essential. This award will go to the woman who most inspires her colleagues, and leads by example. 

 Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneur in this sense isn't necessarily a business founder, it could mean someone who has created a new business unit or other group within a larger organisation. This award will be given to the woman who best demonstrates the success, both current and potential, of her idea. 

 Outstanding Returner Award

There's no ‘perfect time' to return to work after starting - or expanding - a family. The returning process will always represent numerous obstacles in a career path. For this category, the judges will be looking for a returner who can provide an inspirational example of returning successfully to a career, highlighting both personal commitment and drive as well as dedication and support by the organisation. 

 Rising Star Award

 The Rising Star Award is for 2020's most trailblazing young woman in the channel. This may be a graduate scheme employee who has made an exceptionally strong impact in a short time, or a young manager or executive who is making waves through the business. 

 Executive Mentor of the Year 

This will be open to both genders. CRN wants to recognise that the drive towards better representation in our industry is not something that happens in isolation; that both men and women are working towards this goal. The Executive Mentor of the Year Award will celebrate those who are proactively helping women to rise through to senior leadership positions. 

 Woman of the Year

This award will go the woman most deserving of recognition for her achievements in the IT industry this year. Her successes won't necessarily fit neatly into any of the other categories, and could even span several of them. She will be inspiring to others, and will have brought about significant success and change in her organisation. 

 Company Awards will be announced and will be open for entries soon!