Q&A with Tech Impact Awards Judges

Managing director at TBL Services, founder at Support the Goals
TBL Services, Support the Goals

1. Why did you agree to become a CRN Tech Impact judge?

Having spent more than 30 years working in tech and sustainability, it’s great to get the opportunity to see what others are doing and provide guidance where I can

2. How would you assess the IT channel’s record on environmental and social sustainability overall?

There's some passionate people, but more needs to be done. Mainly because most people struggle to know where to start.

3. What’s the most alarming sustainability-related stat you’ve heard recently?

ICT equipment is responsible for more emissions than the entire United Kingdom

4.  What’s your top tip for IT providers looking to act on sustainability?

Start by understanding where you can have the greatest impact. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a great framework for helping you to do this.