Q&A with Tech Impact Awards Judges

Operations Director

1. Why did you agree to become a CRN Tech Impact judge?

I’m passionate about this topic, especially in the IT and supply chain arena. Together we can drive change and create a truly cohesive circular economy.

2. How would you assess the IT channel’s record on environmental and social sustainability overall?

The tech market drives so much innovation and, aligning this with the energy , ability and appetite we have in our industry we have huge potential to generate fantastic results and outcomes, together.

3. What’s the most alarming sustainability-related stat you’ve heard recently?

Zero. Zero is the most important number of all when it comes to climate change. We all need to aim for Carbon Net Zero. The Covid pandemic and restrictions have only resulted in a ~5% reduction in greenhouse gases.

4. What advice would you have for IT providers looking for quick wins on sustainability?

Educate yourselves, challenge yourselves and others, form a plan with short, mid and long term goals, seek external input and expertise where needed and try and support and influence others where possible too. You can have impact more than you might think to drive change.

5. Have you or your company’s outlook towards sustainability changed in the last year?

Yes and no. ESG has always been important for me and the company, but I think Covid, along with media and Government focus and attention has acted as a catalyst for change. We’ve really invested time and effort to define and refine plans, and priorities to generate better results and a better future for our people and our planet.