Q&A with Tech Impact Awards Judges

Managing Director UK & Ireland
Tech Data

1. Why did you agree to become a CRN Tech Impact judge?

The time to focus on how the channel can support sustainability in our businesses and ways of working is now. These awards add a spotlight which is important, but more important is the platform the awards will provide for best practices which we can all learn from.

2. How would you assess the IT channel’s record on environmental and social sustainability overall?

Based on conversations I have had with our customers and vendors it is mixed. But the intent is there and so is the energy. I think many feel they need to focus their efforts more to make a difference, as do I. There is great support, advice and role model channel partners which I hope that the Tech Impact awards will showcase.

3. What’s the most alarming sustainability-related stat you’ve heard recently?

The news, just this week, of the 5,800sq km ice block known as A68a – the world’s largest iceberg has melted almost completely, just 3 years after it broke off from an Antarctic ice shelf.