Mark Casey, Dais Comms
Mark Casey
Managing Director
Dais Comms

To give you an idea of how long Mark Casey has worked in Comms for the UK IT Channel, when he started two of his first clients were Zenith Data Systems and ICL and Wordperfect was the writing software of choice! Over the course of some 30 plus years, he and his colleagues, have launched new PCs, servers the size of kitchens and software packages that were so complicated to install and operate that you needed a team of people in white coats to be on permanent standby. With the IT Channel now going through yet another evolutionary change, Mark maintains positivity and good humour and continues to embrace whatever the people of the IT Channel throw at him. Despite the passing of the years, he is still probably best associated with the "Casey" press trips that covered the four corners of the globe and could not now be repeated for both budgetary and legal reasons.