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Although many of us gawk that we still have to have these conversations in 2021, it’s vital for us to encourage and embrace these ‘difficult conversations’ which allow us to open a dialogue which enables ethnic diversity.

In this Women in Tech Festival Spin-Off Event: Enabling Ethnic Diversity, Computacenter are leading the conversation. Through a series of expert keynotes, live panel discussions, and interactive workshops we’ll be tackling the taboo subjects that cause some individuals to avert their eyes. Fostering a safe and inclusive environment, this half-day virtual event will allow people from all backgrounds to explore their own prejudices, learn about the challenges other face, and provide a learning opportunity for all.

Join CRN and Computacenter for a journey which will encourage you to think deeply, learn about yourself and others, and give you valuable take-aways to implement in your own life and organisation. Whether that’s learning about how to implement grass-root change, or discovering how you can become an ally, there’s something vital for everyone.

Join us at this interactive session to learn from peers, network with leaders in the space, and continue your journey of personal growth in becoming an ally.

Join us as we explore important topics across panels, keynotes & workshops: 

  • How can we encourage, support, and promote those from different ethnic backgrounds throughout their careers?
  • How can we ensure that the industry is accessible to all?
  • how we can open up the conversation and create an environment of ongoing psychological safety
  • topics that need increased education, what the best strategy is, and best practices for making it impactful
Join us on 14 September to:

  • Learn how to become a good ally
  • Educate yourself on how you can help promote diversity
    in our industry
  • Hear from industry leaders
  • Attend from anywhere & watch on-demand

Join us for free on 14 September for this very important event.

Let's continue to break barriers in tech.


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