Jay Rohman, Katapult X
Jay Rohman
Katapult X

As Jay, the Co-Founder of Katapult X, a pioneering social enterprise committed to expediting career pathways for individuals from underprivileged backgrounds, he is dedicated to driving tangible social impact and fostering equitable opportunities in the corporate sphere.

Currently serving as the Head of IT Sourcing at Lloyds Banking Group, Jay orchestrates a team in the strategic procurement of core technologies essential to the Group's operations. Prior to this role, he worked as the Global Head of IT Procurement at GlaxoSmithKline for 9 years.

Jay's journey from a disadvantaged upbringing to a thriving corporate career has instilled in him a profound passion for advancing social mobility and championing diversity within the corporate landscape. He firmly believes that by unlocking the latent potential inherent in marginalized communities, we can collectively foster inclusive prosperity for all.