Vishal Chhatralia, Exertis
Vishal Chhatralia
Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

Vish, a professional in pursuit of excellence and on a personal mission to drive progress and level the playing field. A commitment which extends both to individuals and industry. In his role as Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at DCC Technology (Exertis), Vish operates at the board level, where he is accountable for steering the organisation towards commercial success through digital transformation, making the business more agile and innovation to level the playing field with new entrants attempting to disrupt established organisations.

A standout aspect of Vish's pursuits is his dedication to advancing the D&I agenda to level the playing field for individuals. Vish has passionately driven D&I initiatives to raise the profile of the agenda, develop the organisational culture and in turn increased representation and education within Exertis. Particular initiatives of note are from becoming an active member of the Technology Channel for Racial Equality (TC4RE organisation, sponsoring Exertis’ successful Women in the channel event Empowher, launching multiple ERGs globally within DCC Technology (Exertis) to mentoring, personal coaching and sports coaching in the community. V to learn more