Elizabeth 'Zi' Adely, HP
Elizabeth 'Zi' Adely
Trade Marketing Account Manager

Zi has worked at HP for 3 years, starting as an intern then returning as a full-time employee once graduating from university with a 1st class degree in Advertising & Marketing. As an intern Zi co-established what is now known as a Multicultural BRG in the UK&I, spurred on by their desire for HP to respond and reflect the growing UK ethnic diversity and our plights. Upon their return they were welcomed back to over 130 members.

Their zeal for equality and equity paired with pride in their cultural heritage (and the desire for others to have such pride) motivates me them to champion the matter of DEI within the workplace. Educating others on various cultures, Attracting & Empowering diverse talent as well as Collaborating with various BAME community outreach programmes. They are passionate about people, often volunteering at a foodbank, providing support to those who need guidance getting into work and advocating being ‘your authentic self’.

Away from work, theu enjoy the arts particularly painting and poetry, bringing balance to their life. They are the host of a spoken word and creative showcase for the creative team TwoStep LDN, providing a platform to creatives to share their work and network.